Solution Architect

Benjamin Frost is a Solution Architect in Korn Ferry's Products business. He works with Korn Ferry's largest clients to help them use a broad range of IP tools product and advisory services in an integrated way.

Previously, Ben led Korn Ferry's global Reward Products business - overseeing benchmark pay databases and tools across more than 110 countries.

Ben has worked with many of the largest organizations in the world, to help them use data to get their reward and talent management right. He is a regular speaker at events and in the media, to get Korn Ferry's data and opinion into the public domain. He is Korn Ferry's global spokesperson on the gender pay gap and has written and spoken extensively on what will be the defining reward issue of the next decade.

Ben joined Hay Group in 1999, prior to Korn Ferry's acquisition of the firm in 2015. He has a degree in Human Geography from the University of Reading, UK.