Senior Client Partner, CEO Advisor

Bob Irwin advises CEOs how to build their business, grow their business, and create value in their business in the Korn Ferry CEO Succession practice. 

He mentors CEOs how to focus on a common goal, make the numbers, create a great place to work, and warrant future success. Bob does that by coaching CEOs to set a strategy in which people see themselves, execute with discipline to give people confidence, craft a culture around which people rally, and build a world-class team of people united in cause.

As a five-time CEO and four-time board member, Bob leverages his experience and lessons learned from three decades leading companies to help CEOs be successful. By using personal scorecards, examining the CEO’s impact on the lives of their people (and all the people in their people’s lives), and building strong, honest relationships with key stakeholders, CEOs under Bob’s advisement accelerate their personal, organizational, and societal impact.

Bob is a global executive, having worked in scores of countries serving financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and technology clients around the world. Known for his public addresses on leadership, Bob’s clients benefit from insights on the What, Why, and How of Leadership, the Human Dynamic of Leadership, the Irony of Leadership, and the 9 Tenets of Leadership.

Bob graduated from Ohio State University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He is the proud father of two daughters and two grandchildren and is a fervent Ohio State University football fan. Go Bucks!