Senior Principal

Darius Beretta has worked with in a wide variety of industries addressing Organizational Reward and Performance Management issues.

Darius's projects cover a wide range of experiences with international and multi-sectors clients.

He has an extensive experience in facilitating decision making and implementation of projects in various environments.

Darius has worked across many sectors including Life Science, Energy, Insurance with a particular focus on Industry in recent years.

Darius has a significant expertise in management consulting. His main area of expertise is around reward, recognition and organization.

Darius has led many projects as consultant and compensation director in two international companies where he had the opportunity to deal with all the issues regarding Reward (union negotiations, reward strategy, policies & process implementation, communication, change management on compensation & recognition projects, IT systems, budget management).

This experience in reviewing reward programs and integrating all the other HR expertises such as work measurement, talent management, roles & organization decode, helps to develop reward and recognition solutions and implement change management associated to guarantee business performance and human engagement.

Darius Beretta is graduated from the E.M. Lyon Business School -1994-. He is a native French speaker and fluent in English.