Desi Hadiati is a Principal at Korn Ferry Indonesia.

Desi has more than ten years of experience in providing quality results to clients. Desi has been managing projects in different spectrum of organization and people management. She developed her interest mainly in organization strategy, including job designs and work measurement, as well reward management, including executive remuneration and Long Term Incentives (LTI).

Desi has also been involved in developing talent management systems, including competency assessments and competency model design. She also developed her skills in leadership development program design and carried out the implementation.

Desi has the capability to carry out business analysis, especially understanding issues within the industry as well as the organization, which supports the formulation of solutions offered to clients.

Desi has been involved with a number of clients, mostly from State Owned Enterprises, governments, and financial institutions.

Desi is a graduate of Informatics Engineering, Institute Technology Bandung, and she is taking her MBA degree in University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA.

Prior to joining Korn Ferry Indonesia, Desi started his career as an economic researcher at Bank Indonesia, where Desi was then assigned to the information systems management department where Desi handled change & problem management in information technology operations.