von Lewinski

Senior Client Partner

Hans- Georg von Lewinski has joined Korn Ferry as the Senior Client Partner of our GTM- Practice in EMEA. He is based in London office.

Hans-Georg is a dedicated Account Manager working to grow a few of our strategic accounts. He is working with all elements of our organization (Executive search, Advisory and Recruitment Process Outsourcing) to bring the full Korn Ferry experience to our clients.

Prior to joining Korn Ferry, HG von Lewinski was a senior Partner with Accenture who has been working with Board level clients in Consumer Packaged Goods and Electronics for more than 20 years. He seeks to enhance shareholder value in organisations transforming their business models to align with new paradigms driven by global consumer, market and digitalisation trends.

He has assisted companies transform their multi-channel environments and lately to ‘digitise' the enterprise. He has led these transformational, integrated organisational and technology change programmes in organisations such as: Huawei, Vodafone, HTC, Hynix, Acer, Microsoft, Fujitsu Unilever, Ralph Lauren, Coke, BAT, HP Compaq, Nokia, and Alcatel Lucent. In this context he has worked and lived in Asia (China, Japan) for almost 6 years.

Hans-Georg brings a rare set of experiences changing processes from marketing to supply chain and across multiple channels whilst incorporating real-time responses, decisions and procurement of goods and services. He brings together all the ‘moving parts' for companies redesigning and providing an integrated customer or consumer experience ‘where you want it, how you want it and when you want it' in ‘traditional' B2B or new B2C channels.

Hans-Georg holds a Master of Science Agricultural and Development Economics from Oxford University and degrees in Business and Administration and Forestry Science from Goettingen University, Germany.