Principal Consultant

Justin Carlson has spent over 15 years in the field of leadership development providing strategy design and delivery solutions for dozens of Fortune 500 clients.

He has designed numerous high potential programs—often for companies and industries undergoing significant transformation—and has authored several custom case studies targeting specific developmental outcomes.

Recently, he designed and delivered a senior-level program for one of the world's largest companies. The four-phase program incorporates design thinking, immersion visits, and virtual team work.

He routinely provides coaching and facilitation for large, global clients, and also consults with senior leaders on many facets of leadership development.

Mr. Carlson considers himself a leadership generalist with a passion for solving complex business issues through education. He thrives on variety; as such, his client work has spanned a wide array of industries, including oil and gas, financial services, mining and extraction, network technology, professional services, automotive, biotech, retail, and many others.

Previously, he was a senior engagement manager at Harvard Business Publishing, where he managed a portfolio of corporate and non-profit clients, designing and delivering blended learning programs to meet specific development outcomes and business needs. He also was a founding member of Duke Corporate Education, where he held roles ranging from account and project management to faculty relationship building to technology-mediated program delivery.

Mr. Carlson earned his undergraduate degree in humanities (with emphases in philosophy and vocal performance) from Kansas State University and his master's degree in liberal studies from Duke University.