Commercial Leader Digital, Nordic

Mr. Hattenhauer is commercial Leader for Korn Ferry Digital in Nordic.

With more than 30 years experience in developing organizations and people in leadership, sales and customer experience he brings value to any customer conversation.

Mr. Hattenhauer joined Korn Ferry 2019 when Miller Heiman Group was acquired by Korn Ferry.

As a franchisee, he established the brands and products of Learning International, AchieveGlobal and Miller Heiman Group in the Nordic market.

With his in-depth knowledge about the research and solutions for sales, service and leadership he supports customers and colleagues in their development to reach better results.

He is appreciated for the high involvement in his customer's business issues. Some projects are:

  • Created a leadership program for a leading company in electronics. Delivered with proven results.
  • Helped a worldwide pharmaceutical company establish and roll out leadership standards in the Nordic countries.
  • Created a Business School for a major bank in Sweden. Delivered with proven result.
  • Helped a pharmaceutical company establish a Nordic sales organisation involving executives and front line in four countries.
  • Helped a worldwide industrial company establish service awareness in the Nordic countries. Workshops with people from top executives to service engineers.
  • Helped a major Swedish bank deal with business challenges based on changed regulations. The result was increased profit and customer satisfaction.

Mr. Hattenhauer holds a bachelor degree in Market Economy. Speaks fluent Swedish and English.