Senior Client Partner, Global Account Lead

Kunio Tsunashima is a Senior Client Partner of People & Organization Strategy Consulting division at Korn Ferry Japan.

Mr. Tsunashima works with CEO, senior executives and managers of large and complex global companies. He provides management consulting as well as executive advisory and coaching.

He has been working for leading Japanese companies in diverse industries including Automotive, Auto components, Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Retail and Financial Industries. Representative assignments includes; designing and introducing comprehensive global human management scheme for one of the largest Automobile companies in the world, designing and introducing human resources foundation for one of the largest and most diverse electronics companies in the world and sssessment and development of senior executives of one of the largest financial institutions in Japan.

Mr. Tsunashima has MBA from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and BA, Economics from Keio University. He writes and publishes many business articles and books. His most recent publications are Becoming a future CEO by JMA Press, Profit Creation on Human Foundation Characteristics of Japanese executives HR as driver for business creation from Nikkei News Press.