Director of Organizational Research, Korn Ferry Institute

Maggie Patrick works with clients and consultants to make sure all our practices are science-based. She is an expert in organizational structures and performance, with additional ESG specialization in systematic factors related to climate change and to women’s leadership development and advancement.

As the lead organizational researcher in the Korn Ferry Institute, she has worked on studies ranging from organizational transformation thought leadership to the development of two new tools for KF Digital: the KF Organizational Scan and Organizational Success Profiles.

Maggie believes in bringing multiple fields together and combines practical experience with research from political science, industrial/organizational psychology, and environmental science and systems thinking.

Maggie regularly speaks on a diverse array of topics. In particular, she addresses models of governance as they evolve, especially during and after periods of radical transformation (such as climate change). Her research also explores the leadership and policy changes that result from such transformation, especially for underrepresented populations. 

Before joining Korn Ferry, she spent ten years working in development for higher education institutions, including creating the M.I.A.M.I. Women leadership program (the Miami Initiative for Advancing, Mentoring, and Investing in Women) at Miami University of Ohio. She also spent two terms as a trustee advocating for women’s leadership and education through her alma mater, Sweet Briar College.

Maggie holds a bachelors in International Affairs and French from Sweet Briar College and a masters in Comparative Politics from Miami University.