Senior Client Partner

Matt Norquist consults with clients to design processes and programs to improve organizational performance with a focus on leadership effectiveness.

He has worked extensively on Succession Management, Leadership Development, Organizational Restructuring/Design, and Employee Engagement. While no one industry dominates his experience, he has spent a lot of time with Global conglomerates, Consumer Products Companies, Automotive, and Private Equity.

Beyond the above focus areas, Matt has a passion for behavioral economics and data analytics. He is expert at using behavioral and attitudinal data to drive business performance, and recently led a study looking at over 10 million data points across 100,000 leaders to identify the commitments that separate the most successful leaders from their peers.

In addition to his consulting work, Matt will partner across markets and solution areas to drive business growth and client impact, and work with our leadership and marketing teams to simplify and optimize our Go-To-Market strategies and tactics.

Matt holds a MBA from University of Nebraska, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Azusa Pacific University, both of which where he graduated Summa Cum Laude.