Managing Partner, Global Lead, Life Sciences, Korn Ferry Advisory

Naomi Sutherland is a Managing Partner in Korn Ferry Advisory and leads our Firm's Boston office.

With more than 25 years of experience, Ms. Sutherland has been helping clients optimize their business and related talent strategies through innovative solutions in enterprise talent management, leadership development, inclusion, diversity and employee engagement. Naomi especially enjoys working in the areas of advancing women, identifying and developing enterprise leadership, and has done award-winning work in the areas of onboarding and mentoring.

Ms. Sutherland is a trusted advisor and coach to senior executives aiming to achieve and sustain profitable business results. In her coaching, Naomi supports executives in their critical transition to becoming broader enterprise leaders as well as in specific targeted development. Her down to earth approach enables Naomi to build rapport and work effectively with a broad range of leaders to help them to achieve the desired outcomes. As a natural connector of people, she is often sought out for both formal and informal coaching and mentoring within Korn Ferry.

As the Global Lead for the Korn Ferry Korn Ferry Life Science Market, Ms. Sutherland is responsible for collaborating across KF areas of expertise to design and deliver solutions that meet the unique needs of the industry. Ms. Sutherland also leads our Advisory relationship with several of Korn Ferry's premier life science clients. In this role, she serves as the relationship manager and key strategist, liaising with executive team stakeholders and internal Korn Ferry account team members, ensuring the alignment of human capital solutions to advance client business strategies.

Throughout her career, prior to acquisition by Korn Ferry, Ms. Sutherland led many of the firm's solution teams, including client services, measurement and assessment, business development, and account leadership. Moreover, she has led and participated in various internal task forces designed to: merge organizational cultures post acquisition, enhance employee engagement, and increase client retention.

Ms. Sutherland holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Social Psychology of Work Organizations with a minor in Women's Studies.