Shabih acts as a catalyst for shaping and implementing ecosystem change initiatives focusing on individual mindsets and agile leadership skills. 

Her expertise is in human behaviour and how culture shapes actions, contributes to successful solutions that drive innovation and transformation. Working in partnership to empower clients to exceed their potential, she builds relationships and leverages a mixed portfolio of tools to design and deliver customised interventions.

In her Leadership development work, Shabih has worked on Diversity initiatives to grow female talent and coached senior executives to realise their full potential. As a consultant, she employs ethnographic methods to offer insights into the practice of Culture and Strategy in organisations to reveal the meaning behind everyday actions and behaviours. This helps set the course for implementing lasting change initiatives.

Shabih has twenty years of experience working in a range of academic and corporate settings across multiple geographies. She holds a PhD in Cultural Anthropology and is an ICF certified Professional Coach. Her dissertation on Globally Mobile Intellectual Capital: Narratives of Belonging explores the lived experiences and complexity of Corporate Mobility and the impact it has on families and careers. Shabih did her Masters in Anthropology In Hong Kong and soon after, started delivering lectures on Global Awareness in Dubai.    

Shabih speaks English, and conversational German, Urdu & Arabic.