Senior Client Partner

Yanina Koliren is a Senior Client Partner and North American Practice Leader in the Executive Pay & Governance business.

Ms. Koliren is responsible for the strategy, delivery, and revenue growth of KF Touchstone, Korn Ferry’s new executive compensation benchmarking platform that helps executive compensation teams gather data on compensation trends and ensure market competitiveness.

Ms. Koliren is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in the field of Human Capital bringing together compensation data and consulting.  Ms. Koliren is driven by her passion for innovation, and she constantly seeks out new ways to push boundaries and drive positive change. She strongly advocates for diversity and inclusion, recognizing the immense value that diverse perspectives bring to organizations.

As a former partner in a leading advisory firm's Human Capital Solutions Practice, she served as the Manufacturing Sector Lead, demonstrating her expertise in addressing the unique challenges and opportunities faced by the manufacturing industry.

Previously, Ms. Koliren led the Compensation Data business for the firm on a global scale. Her experience in this role allowed her to develop a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding compensation strategies and data analysis.

In addition to her leadership roles, she also excelled as the Future of Work Research Lead, keeping her finger on the pulse of emerging trends and technologies that shape the future of the work force. She has also been a recent speaker on work force resiliency, attracting and retaining critical talent, and authored papers on the topic of the Future of Work.

Ms. Koliren's educational background includes an associate degree in business. Furthermore, she recently expanded her skill set by becoming an Ontology Coach, enhancing her ability to empower others and facilitate personal growth. Originally from Argentina, her native language is Spanish.