Sector Leader, Mining & Metals, Market Leader Uzbekistan

Yulia Ten leads the Mining & Metals practice in the CIS.

Yulia counsels clients on leadership challenges; helps them rethink their talent strategies and attract non-executive directors, CEOs and C-suite leaders; and supports them in terms of succession planning and top-team effectiveness.

She serves a variety of clients, from leading public mining, metals and fertilizer companies to sector investors, industry associations and private equity–backed miners.

Before joining Korn Ferry Yulia was a global recruitment director for UC Rusal, the world’s largest producer of aluminum for nearly nine years. She was responsible for talent acquisition strategy and onboarding of executive teams in China, Guinea, India, Japan, Nigeria, Switzerland and Turkey.

At UC Rusal Yulia also participated in various strategic projects such as HR function centralization, HR automation and HQ relocation.