Change for Good webinar series

Activating ESG and sustainability through business diversity

If you’re serious about delivering on your 2030 sustainability commitments, you’ll probably have looked closely at the DE&I (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) programs within your organization.  But what about inclusion pledges in your business ecosystem?

Public pressure on businesses to adopt more ethical business management practices received increased attention with the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020.  Progress has been slow, but there are some organizations leading the way with progressive and impactful programs.


We invite you to watch our webinar to explore, learn and discuss the following:

  • Why does this work matter – other than it feels like “the right thing to do”?
  • What is the relationship between business diversity and ESG & sustainability?
  • Who’s doing business diversity well?  And what are they doing?
  • Common speed bumps on your business diversity journey – and how to overcome these.

Take a fresh look at activating ESG and sustainability through your business diversity.