Change for Good webinar series

Helping you turn your ESG ambitions into actions

ESG is a hot-button topic for every business. Some companies are further along on their journey than others, but everyone is asking the same question, "How will we be ready for 2030?"

That is the drive behind our series of webinars, where we'll discuss everything from people needs to evaluating your resource circularity and business diversity. You'll hear directly from experts already turning their ESG promises into actions to help you achieve your ESG ambitions. 

So, are you ready to Change for Good?

5 ways to make your ESG intentions a reality

Will we achieve our 2030 sustainability goals? This is the question keeping many leaders up at night. Some organizations are further on their journey, but others struggle to turn their ambitions into actions. Wherever you are on your ESG journey, there's one thing you need to succeed. People. Our first webinar in the Change for Good series looks at the five essential people-focussed questions your organization needs to ask (and answer).

Our expert panel will discuss:

  • the importance of a purpose-driven organization and culture
  • the exemplary leadership and talent you'll need to empower it
  • the operating model you need to succeed.

Want to make your ESG intentions a reality?

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ESG: Activating through business diversity

If you're serious about delivering on your 2030 sustainability commitments, you will already have actions and strategies in place for changing your organization for good. Part of this will be your DE&I commitments. But what about your suppliers? How do you ensure a diverse ecosystem? And why does that matter?

In our third webinar in the Change for Good series, our experts will dive into the very public pressures on businesses to adopt more diverse and principled business management practices. And what business diversity means in practice.

They will discuss:

  • why this work matters
  • the relationship between business diversity and ESG & sustainability
  • lessons from companies doing business diversity well
  • challenges and insights from the journey to business diversity.

Want to empower ESG and sustainability through your business diversity?

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ESG: Getting your people behind your path to circularity

Only 8.6% of the 100 billion tonnes of minerals, fossil fuels, metals, and biomass that enter the economy annually are reused. We can all agree that this way of doing business is not sustainable.

Many businesses are asking how to create a playbook for circularity, a better use and reuse cycle for the environment, society, and the economy.

Our experts will delve into:

  • Learnings from your peers on circularity in action
  • Common challenges in implementing a circular approach
  • Recommendations for your circularity playbook

Want to see how you can do more for resource reuse?

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