Competencies just evolved.

Ensure your business evolves, too.

Many leaders know that competencies are a keystone to the successful execution of their business strategy. Competencies define and direct the skillsets and behaviors needed to translate strategy into action by providing a common language of talent across the enterprise.

Yet, our experiences and research show, that organizations are struggling to effectively implement, energize, and drive adoption with their competency initiatives. So what’s going wrong? Why do so many organizations struggle with fully leveraging competencies? What’s the missing link?

Organizations with excellent use of competencies are 4X more likely to have a performance-driven culture.
- © Bersin & Associates, Corporate Talent Management

Join us as we discuss:

  • Spotting road blocks - why organizations stumble and what you can do differently.
  • Creative ideas - examples of best practices and tips for energizing your competency initiatives.
  • Implementing the “golden thread” - leveraging a competency framework within talent management practices to define a “language of talent.”

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