DE&I's Future: Making sense of all the headlines

In this two-part series some of the leading global experts in DE&I take on the challenges this era presents and point the way toward the paradigm-shifting opportunities they offer.

In a time of great scrutiny on DE&I, some might even call it a reckoning, what does this mean for the present and future of DE&I?  In this two-part webinar series some of the leading global experts in DE&I—both at Korn Ferry and at our clients—take on the challenges this era presents and point the way toward the unprecedented paradigm-shifting opportunities they offer. 

Part 1 - DE&I at the Crossroads: Sorting out fact, fiction, and hype

Date: Tuesday, 19 September, 2023
Time: 1:30 PM Eastern U.S.

The Wall Street Journal says those who succeeded at dismantling Affirmative Action in universities are now training their sights on corporate DE&I efforts. At the same time there have been some high-profile Chief Diversity Officer departures as well as mixed signals of whether DE&I budgets are being cut or enhanced. In response, the media leads with alarmist headlines. In the swirl, those doing the work and the organizations they work for are left wondering, what does it all mean? End of the line for DE&I? Business as usual? Or an inflection toward a DE&I renaissance with a much more powerful value proposition? 

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Part 2 - DE&I as an Enabler of Business Success: How leading companies utilize DE&I for greater innovation

Date: Thursday, 02 November, 2023
Time: 1:30 PM Eastern U.S.

As the DE&I field transforms in response to the current reckoning, what are the innovations emerging in the field that can both withstand the disparagements as well as optimize what it can offer of value? Turns out there is much alternative thinking ferment in the frontiers of DE&I thought leadership and solutioning—where all benefit from inclusive design, inclusive teams, inclusive innovation, structural inclusion, and more.

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