Change for Good webinar series

ESG: Getting your people behind your path to circularity


Nancy Mahon

SVP Global Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability, Estee Lauder

Stephen Sikra

VP and Head of Americas, Alliance to End Plastic Waste

Anastasia Smolina

Director - Sustainability, Circular Economy Strategy, Walmart

Only 8.6% of our resource consumption is circular. This means that only 8.6% of the 100billion tonnes of minerals, fossil fuels, metals and biomass that enter the economy annually are reused. This way of doing business is not sustainable – not only for the environment but for the economy as well. 

But while the “why” may be obvious, you may be finding the “how” less straightforward.

Like all business transformations, much of the success in making it stick lies with your people.

Join our webinar and hear our experts delve into:

  • Learnings from your peers on circularity in action – and how they are leveraging their people to achieve this.
  • Common challenges in implementing a circular approach.
  • Recommendations for your people-centric circularity playbook.