Focus on Talent Assessment in APAC

The significance of knowing the people within your business cannot be overstated.

In this volatile landscape, where unpredictable challenges loom and market conditions rapidly evolve, the strength of any organisation lies in its people—the heartbeat that sustains its operations and drives its success. By establishing strong relationships and truly knowing the people within your business, leaders gain valuable insights, unlock hidden potential, and build a supportive network to help the organisation thrive. As we navigate uncertain times, it is through understanding and valuing the people in our business that we can fortify our organisations and lay the foundation for sustainable growth and success.

#1 – Insights on Agility

Wednesday 13th September, 1 - 2pm AEST

Speakers: Cyrus Cavina, Emily Szakacs, Linda Denia, Margherita Maini & Mark Silverthorne

How do you uncover the great talent that already exists in your organisation and create a pathway for growth? This session will cover the latest data on Learning Agility at work. You will hear how to apply it in succession leadership assessment and development.

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#2 – Insights at Scale

Tuesday 17th October, 1 – 2pm AEST

Speakers: Cyrus Cavina & Emily Szakacs

To create sustained cultural and behavioural change at scale you need to take a data driven approach. In this session you will hear about the challenges of delivering behavioural change and gathering feedback and insights on individuals to aid their development and create effective teams. We will explore some recent technological solutions to the challenge of activating personal development across an organisation.

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#3 - Insights on Leaders

Tuesday 14th November, 1 – 2pm AEST

Speakers: Cyrus Cavina & Emily Szakacs

How do you best engage your workforce in today’s changing world of work and ensure your leaders create the right environment for talent to thrive. This session will explore how thoughtful assessment can support your leaders with the right insights to effectively lead in good and turbulent times.

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