Talent Acquisition Trends 2023

What are the biggest talent acquisition trends you need to be aware of in 2023? Join us for a dynamic discussion on what employers can do to attract— and retain—the best talent in the year ahead.


The last few years have seen unprecedented disruptions in how, when and even why we work. As we look to 2023, Korn Ferry talent acquisition experts offer their thoughts on which TA trends will most affect the job market in the coming year.

We address:

  • How to provide a more connected talent experience, from first touch through development and succession.
  • Why interim employment is becoming more important in talent acquisition.
  • The rise of internal mobility and how it can fill critical skill gaps.
  • And more...

Please enjoy this replay of a dynamic discussion around what we’re seeing in the highly fluid world of work, along with how changing market conditions will impact TA, and what employers can do to evolve their strategy to attract— and retain—the best talent.