Engaging and Inspiring: Korn Ferry 2018 Employee Engagement Award Winners Announced


-- Companies From 47 Countries Across the Globe Honored in Second Annual Award --

-- Winners Include Kimberly-Clark Corporation, L’ORÉAL, Mitsubishi Corporation, Ralph Lauren, Telefónica, and Tesco PLC, Among Many Other Prestigious Organizations -- 

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 11, 2018 — 52 companies in 47 countries across the globe are being honored today as Korn Ferry 2018 Employee Engagement Award winners. These companies, in the second annual awards program, are chosen based on the largest percentage of positive responses to two questions within the recently administered Korn Ferry employee opinion surveys:

1. I feel proud to work for the company.
2. I would recommend the company as a good place to work.

To calculate the winners, Korn Ferry analyzed the percentage of employees who ‘strongly agreed’ or ‘agreed’ with the two statements to create an overall score.

“These statements are proven measures of strong employee engagement and a healthy employer brand,” said Ben Hubbard, Senior Client Partner, Surveys & Listening, Korn Ferry. “Because these statements are consistently used by companies around the world to benchmark levels of employee engagement, they provide an excellent foundation for our award.”

A wide range of organizations across the globe are recognized as Korn Ferry 2018 Employee Engagement Award winners, including Fiskars Group, Groupe Renault, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, L’ORÉAL, Luck Companies, Mitsubishi Corporation, Ralph Lauren, Skanska AB, Tesco PLC, and Telefónica.

“High levels of employee engagement will help businesses meet the challenges ahead, contributing to productivity, agility, and attraction and retention of talent,” said Senior Director at the Korn Ferry Institute, Mark Royal. “We’re excited to announce the second edition of the Korn Ferry Employee Engagement Awards, designed to recognize global organizations as outstanding employers within their countries of operation. Congratulations to all those who have won this prestigious award.'

Engagement is a critical business metric, as proven by Korn Ferry research, that shows high levels of employee engagement can boost revenue growth by up to two and a half times. “Having a highly engaged workforce is no longer a ‘nice to have’ attribute,” said Royal. “An engaged workforce has the power to deliver tangible competitive advantage in the ever-evolving war for talent and discretionary performance.”

About the study

The study analyzed recent Korn Ferry employee opinion survey data from 530 companies and 3.7 million respondents in more than 60 countries across the globe. The winners are companies that hold one of the top three highest scores within their respective countries of operation, with some countries recognizing four companies in the case of a tie.

In 16 countries, two categories have been created:

- Small employers: at least fifty respondents and no more than 1,000 respondents
- Large employers: more than 1000 respondents

In the other 32 countries, there is one single ranking including all companies with at least fifty respondents.

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About Korn Ferry

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