New Korn Ferry Survey Examines the Economy’s Impact on DE&I Efforts and Who is Responsible for Advancing DE&I in Organizations

Los Angeles, Feb. 8, 2023 – A new Korn Ferry (NYSE: KFY) survey of professionals points to who has the responsibility to advance Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) efforts within an organization and how the economy is impacting those efforts.

Nearly one-third (30%) of respondents say the weakening economy is slowing down DE&I efforts in their organization. While fewer than half (47.5%) of respondents say their organization has stated DE&I goals, the largest percentage (37.5%) say DE&I advancement is the responsibility of everyone in the organization.

“DE&I efforts should not be considered a ‘one-off’ training or event aimed at changing employee behaviors,” said Alina Polonskaia, Global Leader of Korn Ferry’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion practice. “To be truly effective, DE&I needs to be woven into every aspect of an organization, from process and structure to business partnerships and community interactions.”

More than half of respondents (55%) believe that their organizations follow through on stated DE&I goals, but only 23% say middle managers are judged on key performance indicators (KPIs) relating to DE&I efforts.

“If done properly, there is a direct correlation between DE&I advancements and business success,” said Andrés Tapia, Korn Ferry Senior Partner, Global ESG and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategist. “The first step is to analyze the key issues a company wants to solve – such as growth, innovation or optimizing talent performance - and then define what outcomes are needed to solve those issues.”

About the survey: The Korn Ferry survey of 204 professionals took place in late January 2023.

Survey results:

What type of impact is the economic slowdown having on your organization’s DE&I efforts?

It is slowing down efforts                                                                                30%

It is increasing efforts                                                                                     15%

No impact                                                                                                       55%


Who is responsible for advancing DE&I efforts within your organization?

HR                                                                                                                   25%

CEO                                                                                                                  5%

Middle managers                                                                                            17.5%

Chief Diversity Officers                                                                                  15%

DE&I advancement is the responsibility of everyone in the organization      37.5%


Does your organization have stated DE&I goals?

Yes                                                                                                                  47.5%

No                                                                                                                   37.5%

I don’t know                                                                                                    15%


Does your organization follow through on steps to achieve stated DE&I goals?

Yes to a great extent                                                                                      15%

Yes to some extent                                                                                         40%

No                                                                                                                   15%

We don’t have stated DE&I goals                                                                   30%


Are middle managers judged on KPIs (key performance indicators) relating to DE&I efforts?

Yes                                                                                                                  23%

No                                                                                                                   77%


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