Winding Down with Winter Vacations: Korn Ferry Survey Shows Professionals Taking More Time Off This Season

Los Angeles, Nov. 30, 2022 – Winter may actually be a better time than summer to enjoy time away from work, according to a new Korn Ferry survey of professionals.

Nearly two-thirds (62%) of respondents say it’s easier to unplug from work and take a vacation in the winter compared to the summer.

Nearly three-quarters (71%) of professionals say they are taking a winter vacation this year, and 68% say it will be longer than in years past. Only 17% say the potential for layoffs or a recession will damper their vacation plans.

“Whether it’s a sun and sand trip, a winter recreation vacation or a ‘staycation’ its important for everyone to recharge,” said Korn Ferry Associate Client Partner Flo Falayi, Ph.D. “With defined holiday periods, where many colleagues take off from work at the same time, it makes sense that workers feel it’s easier to be out of the office during this time of year.”

Even though the majority of professionals say they will be taking a winter vacation, that doesn’t mean they will not be working. More than two-thirds (67%) say they will check in at least once a day, with 37% saying they will check in multiple times a day. Nearly three-quarters (73%) say that they would still check emails and voicemails, even if their employer offered a company-wide holiday break for all employees.

“Managers need to encourage their teams to truly take time off. That means setting a good example – if the boss isn’t sending emails, texts or phone calls, it will send the signal that employees too can focus on relaxing,” said Falayi.

About the survey: The survey of 217 professionals took place in early November 2022.

Survey results

Are you taking a winter vacation this year? 

Yes                                                                  71%

No                                                                   29%


If you are taking a winter vacation, will it be longer or shorter this year than in years past? 

Longer                                                             68%                                      

Shorter                                                            32%


How long will your winter vacation be? 

2 to 3 days                                                    16%

A week                                                           44%

10 days                                                          24%

More than 10 days                                       16%


Does a potential for a recession and/or layoffs impact the amount of time you will take for a winter vacation this year? 

Yes                                                                  17%                                               

No                                                                   83%


What time of year is easier to unplug from work and take a vacation? 

Winter                                                              62%

Summer                                                          38%


While on vacation, how often do you connect to work? 

Multiple times a day                                     37%     

Once a day                                                   30%

A few times per week                                   13%

Once a week                                                  3%

Never                                                           17%


If your employer offered a company-wide vacation break for all employees, would you still check emails and phone messages during that time? 

Yes                                                                  73%

No                                                                   27%


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