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Businesses are actively adjusting strategies, expanding to new markets, and diversifying their offerings in order to stay competitive and adapt for future growth. This kind of transformation requires a clear vision and purpose across the organization, with everyone working towards the same goals.

Understanding how your workforce rates against the competencies required to deliver on your strategy presents a huge challenge for organizations. Assessments provide unique insights into how an individual's competencies and motivations rank against the ideal Success Profile for their role, but how does that translate into understanding behaviors for a group or team? How does your team compare to other individuals? How do you identify pockets of talent–your next generation of leadership?

Introducing Assessment Analytics

Korn Ferry has added assessment analytics to its assessment platform, allowing you to review group scores across your organization in instances where individuals have taken a Korn Ferry assessment.

  • Analytics display group averages that can be dynamically filtered by function, country, job level, project and assessed target level.
  • Participants have the ability to compare talent groups against success profile scores.
  • The platform enables you to identify the strengths and developmental gaps of your talent.
  • Simultaneously compare two groups with different filter criteria, while viewing the data in a graph or table format.
  • All data updates are made same day within the platform.

Outcomes: A success story

Recently a large industrial client was using the Korn Ferry Potential tool as part of a large-scale talent assessment and development program. Using the analytics platform to monitor trends as the project progressed, they were able to easily identify group strengths and development needs quickly and in an automated way.

Users were also able to easily create graphics to represent the trends they were seeing in the platform, which updated automatically as participants completed their assessments. Activities were then targeted towards these common development areas.


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