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Assessment is only valuable to employees when actionable feedback is provided

Businesses are actively adjusting strategies, expanding to new markets, and diversifying their offerings in order to stay competitive and adapt for future growth. This kind of transformation requires a clear vision and purpose across the organization, with everyone working towards the same goals.

This presents employees with unprecedented levels of change. As a result, driving behavioral change at scale is trending, in an effort to connect the workforce to organizational purpose and build a growth-oriented culture. As a result, there is more emphasis on each individual to drive their own learning and development. "All you can eat" learning delivered via a Learning Management System (LMS) is a common approach when attempting to scale, but how do you activate the learner?

  • Do your employees have the insight they need to drive their own development?
  • Do they understand what good looks like?
  • Do your managers have the tools to inform meaningful development conversations?
  • How do you ensure developmental actions have greater traction at scale?

Assessment tools give an objective view of your employees’ strengths and what keeps them motivated. But the employee experience of receiving feedback has not changed in decades. The options have historically been:

  • 1:1 feedback session with an assessment practitioner or certified coach, which is economically impractical at scale.
  • An assessment report where the participant is left to interpret and apply output.

Introducing Dynamic Feedback

Korn Ferry has developed the technology within our assessment platform to make it much easier for participants to explore their assessment results, then interpret and understand how to apply these results to their development.

  • Dynamic Feedback introduces an avatar to deliver insights in a consistent, developmental, scalable fashion.
  • It aligns people with organizational strategy using Success Profiles as a guide for what great looks like.
  • Dynamic Feedback is then delivered to employees, outlining what changes can be made to current work behavior that will benefit both personal employee development and the organizational strategy.
  • After reviewing a detailed explanation of the results and developmental suggestions within the feedback report, participants are able to create a suitable action plan within the platform.
  • Most importantly, this new technology provides clarity, holds participants accountable and motivates them to carry out their action plan.

Here is an example of Dynamic Feedback in Action:

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Next, we are going to look at your development areas. You may have noticed that the bottom three scales have been shaded differently. And looking at the legend, we can see that these scales represent key development opportunities. As these are your lowest scoring scales, they may represent useful areas to focus on, especially if any or all of them are also in your success profile.

Beginning with strategic mindset, your scores indicate that you may focus on present or near-term challenges. You may not set your sights far into the future. or you may defer to others whom you deem more qualified to set strategic direction.

Developing a theory of what the future may hold, and planning for those possibilities is the kind of strategic thinking that can keep you relevant and competitive. Is this something you want to focus on for development?

For the next development area, ensures accountability, your scores indicate that you prefer to share accountability and ownership with others, and you may trust that work is getting done rather than checking in and providing feedback.

People who take personal responsibility for meeting expectations and holding others to high standards are more likely to be seen as ready for a promotion. Can you think of times when you might have behaved in this way?

Outcomes: A success story

One large tech client used Dynamic Feedback as part of a large-scale development program. When they reviewed the process, they received positive participant reactions on the immediacy of the feedback and the way it was integrated into their development.

Participants described the process as “insightful” and particularly liked the way that it was self-paced. Overall, it was seen as a really helpful way of enabling development at scale and providing a solid basis for future development and coaching.


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