Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™

Data-driven insights on leadership competencies

Through Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™, we take a data-driven approach on success and leadership. We are able to provide the following insights about leadership competencies:

  • Which competencies correlate with success for leaders
  • How this varies for first Level, mid-Level or senior managers
  • Which competencies drive important outcomes such as the climate that leaders create and the engagement levels of their team

The Korn Ferry Leadership Architect is a global competency framework. It’s comprised of 38 behavior-based leadership skills that enable employees of all levels within the organization to make a meaningful contribution in a dynamic business environment. These competencies are the “how” of performance.

The Leadership Architect Research Guide and Technical Manual

The Leadership Architect Research Guide and Technical Manual is designed to help you understand the research behind Korn Ferry Leadership Architect. It also provides findings from our data driven studies and answers the questions most frequently asked about the competency framework. 

For example:

If you want a leader who excels at: Driving a positive climate Reducing employee's desire to leave Driving the engagement of their team Delivering excellent overall performance Being seen as easily promotable
These are the top competencies you should look for: Builds effective teams Builds effective teams Builds effective teams Drives results Drives results
Instills trust Develops talent Drives engagement Action oriented Decision quality
Drives engagement Drives engagement Attracts top talent Ensures accountability Manages complexity
Collaborates Attracts top talent Instills trust Decision quality Plans and aligns
Ensures accountability Drives vision and purpose Develops talent Manages complexity Ensures accountability

While roles may vary from one organization to another, this framework can serve as a benchmark for your assumptions against the performance of over 92,000 leaders globally.

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