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Learning leadership skills can be a steep challenge. To be an effective leader in today’s changing world, you need more than a one-size-fits-all approach to leadership. You must adjust your leadership style to face the challenges of the moment.

First, a quick review of several leadership styles that produce a positive work climate and outstanding performance:

  • Visionary leaders articulate a shared mission and give long-term direction
  • Participative leaders get consensus to generate new ideas and build commitment
  • Coaching leaders foster personal and career development
  • Affiliative leaders create trust and harmony

In the short-term, directive leaders who simply give commands and pacesetters focused only on hitting targets can be effective. In the long-term, however, such styles produce a negative climate and very poor performance.

Examining business impact

Without a range of effective Leadership Styles, leaders are:

  • 3x more at risk of being seen as a poor leader
  • 3x more at risk of derailing as a leader
  • 30% less likely to be promoted within 2 years

Their teams are also impacted:

  • Decreased engagement and motivation
  • Higher turnover (individuals are 3x more likely to leave within 2 years)

Leadership Styles and Organizational Climate 2.1

Leadership Styles and workplace climates are important levers in team and leader performance. The Leadership Styles and Climate assessment measures these elements and highlights any gaps that may be present, allowing leaders to help create the conditions which their teams need to succeed. This assessment will help you:

  • Understand the impact of leadership styles on organizational climate and performance
  • Understand the elements of climate and leadership styles and how leaders and managers can influence them
  • Analyze leadership styles and climate feedback data
  • Interpret leadership styles and climate data within coaching interventions
  • Explain the research that underpins leadership styles and organizational climate

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