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Learning agility is the willingness and ability to learn from experience, and subsequently apply that learning to perform successfully under new or first-time conditions. In this increasingly dynamic, complex and uncertain business environment, the ability to adapt and handle unforeseen situations effectively is more important than it has ever been. Learning agility can drive change and help businesses to transform for future growth.

Korn Ferry research shows that Learning Agility is a core competency that differentiates great leaders from good leaders. There are clear benefits to being agile within the business environment:

  • Individuals with high learning agility are promoted 2x faster than those with low learning agility
  • Organizations with highly agile executives have 25% higher profit margins than their peer groups

However, despite its importance, only 15% of the global workforce are highly agile.

It takes more than smart people and good data to become agile. Along with sufficient tools and processes, it takes the right combination of resilience, social intelligence, and capacity for action—aligned with a clear organizational purpose—to create a strong foundation for agility.

With learning agility in your leadership and workforce, your team is capable of un-learning old beliefs and practices that are no longer relevant in today’s business. This allows your organization to seek out and learn from new experiences.

How do you identify and develop Learning Agility?

Learning Agility is a key component of two Korn Ferry Assessments: “Leadership” and “Leadership Potential.”

We have refined the tool to allow clients to access Learning Agility scores in a new, stand-alone format, replacing the Korn Ferry ViaEdge tool. The new Learning Agility Coaching Tool has the following benefits:

  • Takes just 15 minutes to complete
  • Delivers a “Coaching Report” to aid in leadership agility development
  • Is supported by helpful coaching and certification training

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