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Calls for societal change have sparked unprecedented demand to create more diverse, equitable and inclusive organizations. Not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s also the smart thing to do. Only organizations and leaders who can unlock the collective intelligence of all their talent will succeed in this increasingly disruptive world.

To create the momentum to become an inclusive organization, change needs to happen fast, and at scale—with a positive impact on everyone. It all starts with inclusive leaders. Leaders who can connect emotionally with their teams. Who are culturally agile. Who are curious. Who can bring together the diversity of their organization’s talent to make better decisions.

We develop inclusive leaders at every level of the organization from the CEO to front line managers. We do that by designing and delivering scalable learning journeys, grounded in Korn Ferry’s extensively researched profile of The Inclusive Leader, that delivers sustainable behavior change.

How inclusive are you?

Take this diagnostic to help you reflect on how much your behaviors help promote a diverse and inclusive workplace.

The five disciplines of an inclusive leader

Through fieldwork and analysis of over 3 million leadership assessments, Korn Ferry has developed a new profile of the inclusive leader. Click and hover on the model below to learn about the five disciplines and traits that define these leaders and download our whitepaper to find out more.

Inclusive leaders are rare

Globally only 5% of leaders are considered inclusive. The most identified in any one region is 13%, showing just how rare these sought after leaders are. The good news is they can be developed. Explore our interactive map to see where you are most likely to find them around the globe today and download our whitepaper to find out more.

What we do

Inclusive leadership is not just about being open-minded. It is a set of disciplines and traits that can be assessed, improved upon, and put into action.

Inclusive leaders build rapport and trust and recognize different learning and thinking styles. They seek out and invite new people to the table and elicit the best from everyone. They also practice inclusion systematically, whether they are conducting talent reviews, assigning developmental opportunities, or making hiring decisions.

We tie everything into one solution to drive sustainable change

How we can help

We analyzed over 3 million leadership assessments and conducted thousands of interviews to identify the five disciplines and five traits every inclusive leader must have. These disciplines and traits are woven into our scalable, sustainable learning journey that will equip your people to lead in our diverse world.

Assess where your leaders are today

We assess your people to see where they land against The Inclusive™ Leader Model, giving you a picture of where things stand now and clear areas to improve. You can do this in a high touch way with a one-on-one behavioral interview, or a high-tech way via an online assessment, which presents an individual with a series of engaging, real-life, work-related scenarios specific to The Inclusive™ Leader. Whichever option you choose, participants will take away powerful insights that will help them on their development journey.

These assessment results are then integrated into a personalized, individual learning journey, combining development content with coaching and reinforcement to drive lasting mindset and behavior change.

Help you close gaps through coaching and learning

We deliver high-touch inclusive development journeys for boards, c-suite teams and senior leaders. These are customized individual assessment results that include one-to-one executive coaching.

We also deliver learning journeys for all managers and leaders at scale. Focusing from the inside out (leading self, leading teams, leading the organization), learning journeys include over 40 webinars, micro-lessons, coaching and e-learnings based on the inclusive leader model. Unlike traditional DE&I training which tends to be a one-off event, development is ongoing, increasing the likelihood of sustained behavior change and improved performance.

Help you deliver change at scale

Our easy-to-use platform integrates learning with personalized journeys. Enhanced by self-guided learning, this high touch, high -tech solution provides an engaging experience that integrates assessment, development and coaching together in one platform.

Our approach ensures that you will see real change over the long term by leveraging coaching, training and reinforcement for your teams.

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