Business Skills Training

Communicating Up: Winning Strategies for Successful Executive Conversations


Individual contributor (vocational – expert) and front line leaders

  • Onsite Instructor-led
  • Virtual instructor-led

Communicating Up: Winning Strategies for Successful Executive Conversations shows you how to uncovers what executives really care about and tailor your message to them. Learn how to prepare for executive conversations, including those that are unplanned. Recognize communication techniques that executives commonly use and react to them. Practice active listening and getting your message across quickly; understand how to earn and maintain trust; learn to demonstrate the value you can offer, and use techniques of persuasion appropriately.

Learning objectives

  • Plan for successful communications with executives.
  • Use an executive-oriented mindset, content, language, and style.
  • Be prepared for impromptu communications.
  • Compose a situation-appropriate message to an executive.
  • Establish rapport, and build and maintain the executive’s trust.
  • Persuade and influence executive decisions.
  • Apply a structured approach to navigating difficult conversations.

Behavioral Competencies

  • Builds networks
  • Communicates effectively


  • Presentation skills
  • Stakeholder expectation management
  • Verbal communication


  • Onsite instructor-led: 2 days - 15
  • Virtual instructor-led: 2 days - 15