Program Management Training

Quality for Project Managers


Individual contributor (professional – expert)

  • Digital/E-learning
  • Onsite Instructor-led
  • Virtual instructor-led

Quality for Project Managers applies quality principles to project management itself, not just to the products and services resulting from projects. This course is packed with tools and best practices for every aspect of quality planning, assurance, and control. The course is practical rather than didactic–providing participants with techniques that can be applied immediately to any work environment.

Learning objectives

  • Integrate project quality management into the entire project life cycle. 
  • Use five steps to plan effectively for project quality management. 
  • Use five steps to assess and improve your organization’s current quality capabilities to ensure that projects will meet specified quality standards. 
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by monitoring results using project quality control tools. 
  • Apply project quality management tools and techniques to “real world” project management situations.


  • Procurement quality management
  • Project quality management
  • Project-level quality assurance
  • Project-level quality control
  • Quality related tool kit.


  • Onsite instructor-led: 3 days - 22.5 / 2 days - 15
  • Virtual instructor-led: 3 days - 22.5 / 2 days - 15
  • Digital/E-learning: 22.5