Sales Coaching

Coaching to be Service Ready

Create customer-oriented change through effective coaching.

  • Digital/E-learning

Program description

Coaching To Be Service Ready enables customer-oriented change by growing a customer-focused workforce through effective coaching.

It features core concepts and skills that have been tested thoroughly for more than 40 years and apply to all global workforces. Discussions, missions and assignments are built so that learners create action steps that align with their own geographic and cultural viewpoints.

Learning objectives

  • Build employee skill sets for more effective team building.
  • Create a coaching culture to drive business results.
  • Drive desired behavior change through results-oriented feedback and produce positive business performance.
  • Reduce negative performance issues when utilized consistently across organization.
  • Empower employees in consistently delivering improved customer experiences.
  • Learn to use the process in clarifying individual and team focus to maximize performance.


  • Build skills that establish trust and motivate employees.
  • Establishes processes to maximize performance.
  • Delivers constructive feedback.
  • Improves overall engagement levels.
  • Take positive action based on feedback.
  • Builds customer loyalty.
  • Leverages digital communications.
  • Masters service conversations.
  • Navigates customer challenges.
  • Strengthens customer connections.

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