Candidate guide to psychometric assessments

A guide to the different stages of the recruitment process

Psychometric assessment grew in popularity throughout the 20th century, as a way for organizations to measure a candidate’s suitability for a role, in a scientific and unbiased way. In recent years, test providers have been developing assessments that are more engaging for applicants, and provide more insight into the role and organization.

Whether you've been asked to complete a psychometric assessment as part of a job application, or for your professional development at work, the key to success is preparation.

We know that there's more to recruitment than just completing psychometric assessments, so we've put together some additional guidance on the different stages of the recruitment process in this guide.

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Practice assessments

Have you been asked to complete an ability test as part of a job application?

Give yourself the best chance of success by trying one of our practice assessments to test your verbal, numerical, logical and checking abilities.

  • Checking

    Measure your ability to quickly and accurately compare information. You will be asked to compare information in two tables to identify whether or not the information is the same.

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  • Numerical

    Measure your ability to analyze statistical data. You will be presented with various sets of figures and asked to make a number of decisions based upon your understanding of the data.

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  • Verbal

    Measure your ability to understand and interpret written, business-related information. This is an easy-to-follow assessment that asks you to make decisions based upon the scenarios you are presented with.

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  • Logical

    Measure your ability to see patterns and themes. You will be presented with various sets of symbols that have missing elements and asked to decide what completes each sequence.

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about preparing for assessment, completing our assessments and technical issues.

If you have any questions specifically relating to an assessment you have been invited to complete, please contact the recruiter, hiring organization or your employer.

Can the assessments be completed on a tablet or mobile phone?

Our Ability assessments have been designed for completion on a PC or Laptop and this is what we recommend. Drop-downs are used extensively and these are rendered differently on most tablets (Android or Apple) from how they appear on PCs/Laptops, and may put such users at a disadvantage.

If you use a tablet or mobile phone to complete an Ability assessment, as a default setting you would receive a warning that the device is not recommended and given information about alternative devices to use.

I haven’t received log in details yet, what should I do?

If you have been asked to complete Korn Ferry psychometric assessments as part of a job application, but have not yet received the details, you should contact the company managing the assessment project. In some cases, the notification emails from the system can be filtered into junk/spam folders. Therefore, please check that the email has not been filtered out. If the email is not located in the junk/spam folders, please check your email address is correct on the system and ask for the email to be resent.

The link to complete the tests does not appear to be working or there are issues during the assessment(s)?

The first things you could try is to clear the web browser cache and cookies, check to ensure that pop-up windows are not disabled, or use a different internet browser (e.g. instead of Internet Explorer use Chrome). If you are completing the assessments on a work computer, you can try a home computer instead if possible. If you still have issues you should contact the administrator with the company that requested completion of the online assessments and provide the following details: description of the issue, details of the device, internet browser details and ideally a screenshot of the webpage.

What happens if I lose internet connection or gets interrupted when I am part way through an assessment – can I restart?

If you lose internet connection whilst completing ability tests, you will only be allowed to log back in once and doing so will return you to the point at which you were interrupted. If internet connection is lost again on any of the ability assessments, you will need to contact the administrator/company contact to re-enable the assessment.

I have gone to section 2 to start the assessments but there’s no start button and when I click on ‘Complete Section 1’ nothing happens. What should I do?

This means that there are still text fields unread in Section 1. You need to check if all boxes in Section 1 are blue. If any are still white (unread), you need to go back to Section 1 and ensure all fields are read. The assessments should then be available for you to complete in Section 2.

I have completed a practice test, but have also received an email with log-in details – does this mean that responses have not been recorded?

After registering for the practice tests, you can automatically continue to complete the assessments. You will also be sent an automatic email from the system with your log-in details, for the case that you lose internet connection and need to log back in. If you have completed the practice assessments you can just ignore this email.