Predeployment Technical Readiness


Predeployment Technical Readiness Information for Client It - Courses, Tools, and Instant Advice

The following information is for Client IT to help conduct Technology Readiness and Connectivty Testing. In most cases, end users can safely ignore this information.

effective date:  18 January 2018

Email filters

To guarantee that email invitations and reminders to participants are not caught in your spam/junk email  filters, it may be necessary to whilelist our SMTP server IP: ( / 78 ( - effective February 11th, 2017

Alternatively, you can whitelist all emails from the following domains:

Firewall and security

For the courses and tools to function correctly, all of the following requirements must be met:

Active content (HTML files with <EMBED> and <OBJECT> tags) must be allowed.

Communication across the following ports must be allowed:  HTTP (Port 80) and HTTPS (Port 443)

Network traffic to and from the following sites must be allowed: ( 

For Leader as Coach & Interactive Tools only, traffic must also be allowed to and from the following:

Depending on your configuration, it may be necessary to create proxy exceptions or whitelist entries to insure that the above requirements are met.

Pop-up blockers

For Tools and Instant Advice::

Most pop-up blocking software will NOT interfere with the successful use of these offerings.  However, should pop-up blocker interfere with the offering, please add to the pop-up blocker exception list.  Alternatively, before starting an offering, you may instruct participants to disable all pop-up blockers on their computer.

For Ninth House Courses:

Korn Ferry uses pop-up windows to track course progress in most courses. Pop-up blocking software will prevent most course tracking from functioning properly, so pop-up blockers should be disabled or excepted as explained above before participants begin working in a Ninth House course.

EXCEPTIONS: Some courses do not require pop-up windows for course tracking. You can ignore these warnings about pop-up blockers if the ONLY courses your participants will be using are:

Getting Things Done: Mastering Workflow Interactive

Impact Without Authority

Situational Leadership® II: Learn the Model

Situational Leadership® II: Fool's Gold I

Situational Leadership® II: Fool's Gold II


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For assistance with technical issues please contact the Client Technology Services support team:


Phone: 1-800-969-9646 (International: 1-415-277-8280)

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