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The Art of Selecting Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are among the world’s most valued commodities, with more than 2 billion cups of coffee consumed each day. 

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A good cup of joe, though, is more than just a productivity hack. It’s something to be savored.

  1. Learn about varieties. Arabica is delicate, while robusta, the typical supermarket variety, is more bitter.
  2. Identify a region. Different geographies and elevations produce different flavors, from fruity to earthy to rich and caramelly.
  3. How will you take that? Blends are often smoother and cheaper for those who like to add cream and sugar. A single-origin coffee allows the connoisseur to appreciate nuance.
  4. Select the roast. The lighter the roast, the more the caffeine and complexity. The longer and more intensely a bean is heated, the more the roast flavor takes over.

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