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Casablanca, Morocco

Where a growing diaspora call home.

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Locals simply call Casablanca, “Casa.” Along the Moroccan coastline, Casa looks directly across the Atlantic Ocean to the shores of Spain, where the word casa translates to home. Sure enough,  Casablanca in 2022 was named as one of the top six international markets for real-estate investment, which makes sense since it’s also one of the top five cities in Africa to do business. Unlike some other global destinations known for their historical and architectural appeal, this port hub of 3.8 million residents doesn’t have the same touristy veneer. The Islamic Moorish and Art Deco designs, fusions of both function and flourish,  instead give the streets a luxurious, yet approachable, maybe even homey, appeal.

The port city’s main industries include phosphate extraction, furniture making, production of building materials, fishing, and textile manufacturing.

Morocco is the only African country with a free trade agreement with the United States. The Morocco-US Network plans to establish a Chamber of Commerce and Investment to encourage transatlantic investment. The country’s GDP is expected to grow 3.7 percent in 2023.

Serving as a bridge between Europe and Africa, Casablanca’s harbor is the world’s largest artificial port.


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