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Visit: Fukuoka, Japan

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Often considered the Asian equivalent of Silicon Valley, Fukuoka is known as “Startup City.” Though the entrepreneurial spirit here may be noteworthy—Fukuoka boasts the country’s highest business-formation rate—the city is perhaps even better known for its laid-back vibes. Because of its location on the tip of the southern island of Kyushu, this ancient port has a distinct local culture and dialect that has been preserved for thousands of years.

In addition to attracting businesses, for a number of years Fukuoka, Japan’s fifth-largest city, has had the country’s largest population growth, particularly drawing foreign expats. With distinct culinary, art, and music scenes, various international outlets have named it one of the world’s most livable and dynamic cities.

Bordered by mountains inland and Hakata Bay, which opens to the Genkai Sea, Fukuoka is considered Japan’s “Gateway to Asia.”

Fukuoka is Japan’s youngest major city and most affordable, supporting diverse art
and music scenes as well as small businesses.

The city attracts new businesses with startup visas, tax reductions, and a number of incubators.

In addition to auto and semiconductor manufacturing, this port city has become a hub for renewable energy research and development.

Yatai, or street-food stalls, are a signature of this culinary destination and include open-air kitchens and limited counter seating.


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