Korn Ferry Interim matches executive and professional talent from all industries and functions with organizations that need their expertise. As a result, we meet with thousands of people each year who, just like you, are contemplating interim work for a variety of reasons, whether they seek short-term experiences or want to enter a new chapter of their career. Interim work has a lot of advantages, such as flexibility, variety, exciting projects and new experiences.

But as enticing as this sounds, we know making a change isn’t easy. For many people—especially those who have been in traditional, permanent roles for most of their careers—walking away from a “good corporate job” is daunting.

Designed to make considering interim opportunities less intimidating, this guide covers the three types of questions people considering interim work ask most:

  • Emotional considerations: Is this the right type of work for my personality? 
  • Financial considerations: Can I support my lifestyle as an interim executive or professional? 
  • Professional considerations: Will interim work help me reach my career goals?

To gain more clarity on whether interim work is right for you, download our guide today.

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