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Building support for implementing or changing your organization’s total rewards solution means navigating a complex web of stakeholder concerns and expectations. Employee rewards programs touch every part of the organization, meaning there will be no shortage of stakeholders raising concerns, considerations or outright objections to adjusting a currently existing rewards structure.

Based on years of experience in helping clients build a business case for total rewards, we have created a free guide detailing the most common stakeholder concerns, along with suggested responses to help convince the people who may otherwise block or delay your project.

We can support you in building your business case, planning how you roll out changes, and making sure your people understand how your new total rewards program supports the business strategy while aligning with your values and culture.

What sort of stakeholder concerns can I expect to face?

The main concerns raised by stakeholders when it comes to an employee rewards program usually revolve around cost, value, time and effort required. Leaders attempting to build momentum for a total rewards program can expect to field responses to some of the following stakeholder concerns:

  • “An overhaul of rewards sounds expensive.”
  • “How long will the change take and how much effort will it require from us?”
  • "Different business units already have their own reward programs. Why do we need an overarching solution?”
  • “How do you know what our employees want?”
  • “How will you generate stakeholder and employee buy-in?”


Download Korn Ferry's free guide to discover:

  • How to build a compelling business case for total rewards
  • Suggested responses to common stakeholder concerns from our Total Rewards experts
  • Tailored communication approaches for managing the differing priorities of stakeholder groups

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