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Effective corporate rewards programs can be a powerful tool for attracting and keeping top talent, but have you considered whether corporate rewards have the potential to deliver impactful results across several of your organization’s highest-level strategic objectives?

A well-designed corporate rewards program packs the potential to dramatically shift the dial on some of the most difficult business challenges keeping your executive team awake at night.

However, many organizations may only view corporate rewards as a solution to the perennial challenges of talent attraction and retention. Unfortunately, this narrow focus on HR outcomes offers just a glimpse of the total rewards puzzle and inevitably leaves significant value on the table.

At Korn Ferry, we empower leaders to shift the conversation from corporate rewards to total rewards, an integrated and holistic approach that unlocks the potential to solve some of your toughest organizational and talent reward challenges.

“Here’s the part that gets leadership teams excited: an effective rewards strategy can be used to help drive your organization’s highest-level strategic objectives, from business transformation to driving growth, improving diversity, lowering risk, and building a positive culture.” says Tom McMullen, Senior Client Partner in Korn Ferry’s Global Total Rewards practice.

Download our free guide to understand how Korn Ferry helps organizations leverage their total rewards strategies to deliver high-impact results across their business objectives. Within our guide, you will learn how to unleash the power of total rewards to:

  • Create long-term stakeholder value
  • Keep leaders aligned and focused on business strategy
  • Meet and exceed regulatory requirements
  • Build upon demographic diversity
  • Strengthen your competitive advantage
  • Address fairness and transparency


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