The future of work means bold expectations, transformed workplaces and different outlooks. But amidst upheaval, it’s still possible to get ahead of the change curve.

We spoke to 4,000 professionals, and discovered the three crucial things leaders can do now to get ready to thrive in the workplace of the future:

  1. Renew a focus on culture
  2. Build a business younger generations want to lead
  3. Embrace short-term thinking with a long-term outlook

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The future of work means… … bold expectations, transformed workplaces, different outlooks

To prepare, here are three things successful leaders are doing right now:

#3 Renewing a focus on culture

52% of people feel more disconnected working remotely
64% say going back to the office will have a negative impact on their health

#2 Building a business younger generations want to lead

65% of millennials are more inspired by companies who champion ESG
65% of Gen Z consider themselves climate activists

#1 Embracing short-term thinking with a long-term outlook

44% of people think of their career path in terms of months, not years
58% would take a less interesting role for a better salary

The future of work starts today. It’s your time to take control. Contact us to help you navigate your future of work.

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