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The index publishes empirical data on the composition of Irish PLCs and the opinions of over 15 of Ireland’s leading Board Directors, CEOs and Chairs.

In creating the index, we had four objectives:

  • Establish and discuss the future governance trends of Irish PLCs
  • Provide insights into the board composition and corporate governance practices of Irish listed businesses
  • Garner the opinions of some of Ireland’s foremost Board Directors
  • Suggest ‘what good looks like’ for the boards of corporate Ireland

The index focuses on six key themes: Environmental, Social and Governance; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, the Future of Boards and Skills; Worker Directors; Delisting; and the Future of Work.

Each section draws upon our data-driven research and the thoughts and insights of our contributors.

Download the report to understand how some of Ireland’s most dynamic organizations are changing to face the future.

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