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No CEO can go it alone. If leadership, as a team sport, was ever a major player in the business game, it's right now. Factors such as increasingly complex stakeholder relationships and business disruptions are demanding that leadership pulls together as a powerful team of individuals—a team that is moving in the right direction for your organization, as well as being aligned in their ways of going about it.    

But how do you know you've got a leadership team with the magic mix that can move mountains?  

While every leadership team has its own personality, there are qualities consistent with leadership team effectiveness that underpin those of the World’s Most Admired Companies (WMAC). Korn Ferry has worked with many of these companies and even helped them further refine their performance. Furthermore, we’ve distilled the aspects of their leadership team effectiveness down to a proven six-point methodology:

  1. Purpose
  2. People
  3. Processes
  4. Standards of Behavior
  5. Development 
  6. Leadership

Each point may appear logical at first but, in this complimentary eBook, we’ve provided the detail that shows how they come together to apply specifically within a leadership team. We explain Korn Ferry's logic for bringing this six-point methodology to life. And we also provide some points on how you can start assessing your leadership team dynamic and make this methodology a reality within your own organization. 

To fully realize your top team's potential is something that could be far greater than the sum of its parts—and that's a truly exciting proposition.

Download our eBook to learn Korn Ferry's six-point methodology for increasing leadership team effectiveness.

Download the eBook to:

  • Learn why an effective leadership team should never stop working on its own development.  
  • Find out why 90% of executives admit that poor implementation is why they fail to achieve all their strategic goals
  • Discover why some of the most talented executives struggle to perform at their best within a leadership team

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