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People are complex and nuanced, with many skills and capabilities as varied as their individual personalities. This means it's a substantial and ongoing challenge to assess your people for development, one that must be tackled to maximize your talent pool and identify those with the leadership abilities to oversee your organization and propel you forward.

As you start on your succession management journey or revise your succession planning strategy, there are three big questions to consider:


1. What talent do we need?

  • How do we know what drives success in our company?
  • How do we know which attributes are key to business success?
  • What is the right mix of leadership breadth and depth?

2. What talent do we have?

  • How do we know we have the right people in the right places?
  • How do we know who will fill our most critical roles in the future?
  • What capabilities do our people currently have?
  • What is each individual's potential? Who is ready to assume a more challenging role?

3. How do we close the gaps?

  • How do we ensure we have the right people to deliver on strategy right now?
  • What are we doing to ensure our next-level leaders are ready to lead our organization?
  • How much should we build vs. buy?

These three questions sequentially drive the Define > Assess> Develop approach that lies at the heart of our Assessment & Succession solution. We use this model to help you understand the distinctive capabilities you need now and in the future; look at how your current talent compares and examine how to close the gaps in succession planning management.

Download the details of our Define > Assess > Develop approach to see how it works.

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