How do you find and develop talent with the right skills for your business?

Now, more than ever, there’s a rush to "future-proof" organizations with skills-based hiring, and for good reason. In our research for the new skills landscape, we discovered that organizations focused on skills are 57% more likely to anticipate and effectively respond to changes, 107% more likely to place talent effectively, and 98% more likely to retain high performers.

But skills for work don’t exist in isolation. It’s important to consider these in the broader context of the work that needs to be done, an individual’s unique personal identity, and your organization’s culture.

Ensuring your workforce has the skills future success starts with your people

This playbook will help you understand the new skills landscape, why skills-tech platforms are just one part of becoming a skills-based organization, and the strategies you can use to come out on top.


Download the playbook to discover:

  • Why it’s time to rethink workplace skills for your internal talent as well as the organization
  • How to ensure your people have the work skills needed for future success
  • The role of skills-tech to predict the work that needs to be done in the future, catalog current skills and identify skill gaps
  • The six pillars of a skills-based organization and how you can use these to transform your business

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