Let’s talk: ESG and your organization’s purpose

We have identified five people-focused pillars that support successful ESG (environmental, social, governance) and Sustainability transformation. The first of these is purpose.

Many organizations forget, or don’t take the time, to clearly articulate their purpose. In this short interview we talk to Kim Waller, Senior Client Partner at Korn Ferry, about why this matters so much. Hear what she has to say in the video below.

The importance of purpose for ESG and sustainability

Purpose is important for an organization to be successful at ESG and Sustainability. Purpose serves as the North Star for an organization. It is the organization “why”.

Purpose-driven organizations are highly committed to creating and delivering sustainable value in the market. They are resilient, agile, they understand how to pivot and readjust when things change while still remaining true to their core.

Purpose becomes the power that serves to move them forward in their unwavering commitment to delivering value.

What does a meaningful purpose statement for ESG look like?

A meaningful purpose statement is crisp and clear. It is a statement that articulates not only why you exist but who and how you are uniquely making a unique difference to those that you serve, to your communities, to your customers, to your stakeholders. It's actually a statement that inspires & ideally transcends time.

Who needs to own purpose?

Purpose is more than just the words in an annual ESG and Sustainability report. Everyone needs to own purpose. When done well, it is embedded in everything that you do within your organization - it is a part of the fiber, part of the why, part of everything that you touch. In doing so successfully and when you know that purpose is owned by everyone, you see it reflected in how you serve your customers, clients, communities and talent.

With purpose at the center, everyone in the organization has a role in living and owning it.

ESG & Sustainability

For a sustainable future, you must change for good

How do you know when your people really believe in your purpose?

You know that people believe your purpose when you hear and see it reflected back to you. You will hear your purpose spoken from every corner - from clients, customers, communities - it will be a part of what attracts talent to you. It will also be a part of how people reinforce the difference that your organization is making more broadly in the world.

It will be inspiring, it will be the narrative that becomes synonymous with your organization.

Refine your ESG strategy and purpose for tomorrow

What’s your “why”? Partner with us to help refine your organization’s purpose.

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