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ESG & Sustainability success starts with a clear purpose. Many organizations forget, or don’t take the time to clearly articulate their "why". Beginning with purpose is critical because it gives you and your people an anchor and a North Star to guide future decisions and actions.

Purpose sets a path for how your organization will move forward with your ESG & Sustainability ambitions so everyone inside your organization can understand, embrace and follow it.

It acts as a backbone, providing both structure and support, as well as enough flexibility so that you can pivot around obstacles to reach your goals.

Why is purpose so important?

  • Consumers want purpose: 2 in 3 people are belief-driven buyers—with even higher behavior levels among Gen Z.
  • Executives drive performance with purpose: 73% of executives at purpose-led teams say having one helps steer them through marketplace turmoil.
  • Candidates screen for purpose: 64% of Gen Y and 83% of Gen Z consider a company’s purpose and ESG when deciding on job offers.
  • Investors value ESG purpose: Major investors, such as BlackRock, use ESG & Sustainability in screening and valuation decisions.

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