Inspiring conversations deserve an inspiring backdrop. In 2024, the Korn Ferry London team will be having many of theirs in The National Gallery as we become Founding Bicentenary Members.

Here are some of the reasons our new three-year membership means so much to us.

It’s the perfect space to fuel debates

Last year, we embarked on a one-year membership with The National Gallery and hosted several notable industry events. Together with our clients, we tackled topics including ESG and climate change; the future of rewards and benefits; and embracing neurodiversity as a hidden leadership superpower at work. Debating in the gallery’s many meeting spaces was such a success, we knew one year of membership wasn’t enough. Now, we’re busy planning our agenda for the next three years.

One event that’s already in the diary will be a meeting of Chairs and CEOs from across the country this December. Our annual networking evening is much more than a holiday party. It’s our chance to take the pulse of business in the UK and Ireland for the coming year. 

Talent Acquisition

Finding talent that sees you through today and tomorrow

We’re helping our people see the bigger picture. Literally.

We don’t just talk the talk on rewards, we walk the walk too. Now, the teams in our London office can enjoy free tickets to the latest exhibitions as well as stunning meeting spaces for client conversations or team gatherings. And the time they spend in the gallery will always be worthwhile—helping them find the fresh perspective clients always expect from us.

“The Arts in the UK and Ireland are fundamental—to our society and to lift us as a nation from economic malaise. I’m looking forward to spending more time in the National Gallery’s exhibitions, and enjoying lively debate with clients and industry leaders in the gallery’s spaces.” Daren Kemp, Country Chairman, UK & Ireland

As we plan our agenda of upcoming events, the National Gallery is also planning a year-long festival of creativity to mark its bicentenary, which gets underway in May 2024.