Exceeding hiring targets

Takeda needed a partner who could scale globally, resourcing more than 30 manufacturing sites around the world.

Takeda’s hiring challenge was magnified by the unprecedented jobs market in 2021-22. Life sciences is booming, while manufacturing has been hit massively by attrition, especially in the US. Takeda’s RPO team rose to the occasion –reaching hiring targets that made the difference in achieving manufacturing business goals.

Not only did the RPO deliver on the initial numbers, but it also flexed quickly to accommodate rapidly rising hiring volumes. At launch, there were 50 RPO employees at Takeda. 12 months later the function had doubled in size, managing to hire a total of 4200 employees – an additional 1000 hires extra beyond the original ask – unthinkable for an in-house TA team.

“With so many complex forces at play, we would have been in a bad situation. The RPO stabilized us fast, then advanced our Talent Acquisition agenda.”

Tim Sharp, Global head of Talent GMSGQ (TD, TM, TA), Takeda

Developing a robust candidate journey

Alongside scale, the new partnership enabled Takeda to advance its talent agenda. Previously, the company’s TA function offered different services across territories. Now, hiring managers get the same consistent TA service, wherever they are in the world.

The adoption of new HR technologies has created a seamless candidate journey into onboarding. The combination of the existing Takeda TA team + the power of Korn Ferry’s RPO solutions has removed the admin burden from hiring managers, letting them focus on what they do best.

As a result, all the systems and processes are now in place to manage future hiring volume. Takeda has a robust foundation to drive continuous improvement across its TA capabilities.

Hiring on a global scale

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